Identify your texts unambiguously! service can be a witness to your texts. Easily creating electronic signatures for websites and various texts. Signature verification on this site with an independent signature authority. The service does not store signed content, only signature information.

Signatures created by are not in terms of legislation deemed qualified or recognized signatures or seals. signatures are not intended for legal action.

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Enter the code of the document or click on a link in the signed text. An example of the signed text is below.

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Signature properties

Signed text with code ZOPUCTIKNH:


The signer is authenticated by an email address. The user can public on his profile the URLs of the signed websites which authorship have been verified by inserting the code.


The digital fingerprint of the signed text is created and preserved by the hashing functions. This ensures that the signed text has not been altered or damaged.


When verifying the signature, it is undeniable for the verifying person that the signature was created under the appropriate user ID. Signed text can have verified authorship by inserting the generated code before signing. If the signature owner decides to remove the signature from the service, he can do so.

Time anchor

Each signature has an assigned time stamp.

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